Report a possible side effect (adverse event)

An Adverse Event, also known as a Side Effect, is any unwanted medical occurrence in a patient who has been given a pharmaceutical product. This can be any unfavourable and unintended sign, symptom, or disease associated with the use of the product. Adverse events should be reported.


How to report a possible side effect?


If you have experienced an adverse event or have prescribed a medicine and become aware of an adverse event please report this to  


To help us process your information quickly and effectively, please remember to report as much relevant information as possible.  At a minimum you will need to provide the following: 

  • The name of the Norgine product involved; 
  • Details of the person who experienced the possible side effect. e.g. initials and/or other identifiers, such as gender, date of birth;
  • The contact information of the person who is reporting the issue;
  • A description of the possible side effect itself, such as the signs and symptoms experienced, date the possible side effect started and the result of the possible side effect.


Please note if you experience a side effect that causes you concern, please tell your healthcare professional immediately.


Data Privacy statement:

All the information and personal data you share with us in your enquiry information will be protected and kept confidential in line with Norgine Policy  and local regulations. The information you provide will be used for the purpose of drug safety surveillance and it may be shared with health authorities. You have a right of access to your personal data which we hold about you.