Compliance mission statement

At Norgine, we are committed to acting with complete integrity in everything we do. Our ethical and compliance values guide us in making the right decisions to ensure we meet the expectations of our patients, regulatory bodies, and investment partners. Everyone involved in our business – employees and external partners – is expected to understand and adhere to the Norgine Corporate values and our compliance standards as we bring transformative products to patients. Our compliance program has been developed in accordance with all relevant and appropriate international standards, and these principles underpin our commitment to operate our business to the highest of standards across all functions.

If you would like to learn more about specific areas of compliance, click on the language below where we describe the foundational elements underpinning our Corporate Compliance Program. They affirm our commitment to conducting Norgine’s business to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. These are not static, and Norgine continually monitors internal and external requirements to ensure we are doing the right thing at all times.