Norgine B.V. enters into exclusive distribution agreement for the commercialisation of glyceryl trinitrate transdermal patch with Medfatop Ltd in Vietnam

30 July 2020



AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands. 30 July 2020, 10:00 BST / 11:00 CET. NORGINE B.V. (Norgine) and MEDFATOP Ltd, a Vietnamese pharmaceutical company with extensive international experience, today announced an exclusive distribution agreement by which Medfatop will commercialise Norgine’s product glyceryl trinitrate transdermal patch in Vietnam.

Glyceryl trinitrate transdermal patch belongs to a group of medicines called nitrates. These are used to widen vessels and reduce the workload of the heart. Glyceryl trinitrate transdermal patch is indicated to prevent angina pectoris. Angina attacks feel like a tight pain in the patient’s chest, neck or arm and are a sign that their heart is not getting enough oxygen for the amount of work it is doing. [1] 

Nguyen Cam Hung, Chief Executive Officer of Medfatop said: “Our company helps to save human lives by providing services in promotion, market access and distribution to bring innovative healthcare products to the Vietnamese market. Improvement of the availability and safety of cardiovascular therapeutic area is one of our key priorities. Making glyceryl trinitrate transdermal patch available in Vietnam will enable us to help saving lives”.

Paul Pay, Chief Business Development Officer, Corporate & Business development added, “We are pleased to partner with Medfatop Ltd, and through them to enter the market in Vietnam. At Norgine we are committed to bring transformative medicines to patients rapidly and we are delighted that we will be able to help more patients by making glyceryl trinitrate transdermal patch available in Vietnam”.



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About Norgine

Norgine is a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company that has been bringing transformative medicines to patients for over a century. Our commitment to transforming people’s lives drives everything we do and our European experience, fully integrated infrastructure and exceptional partnership approach enables us to quickly apply creative solutions to bring life-changing medicines to patients that they may not otherwise be able to access. Norgine is proud to have helped 22 million patients around the world in 2019 and generated more than €419 million in net product sales, a growth of 6% over 2018.

Norgine has a direct presence in 12 European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. We also have a strong global network of partnerships in non-Norgine markets. We are a flexible and fully integrated pharmaceutical business, with manufacturing (Hengoed, Wales and Dreux, France), third party supply networks and significant product development capabilities, in addition to our sales and marketing infrastructure. This enables us to acquire, develop and commercialise specialist and innovative products that make a real difference to the lives of patients around the world.

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About Medfatop

Established in 2003, MEDFATOP has become one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in Viet Nam where we currently hold a big marketshare. The company’ collaborates with foreign pharmaceutical companies to help them invest and grow their business into the Viet Nam market. We continuously develop extensive efforts to expand our distribution networks and connect to a large number of pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. With a highly effective field force and deep industry expertise, we are offering a wide range of market expansion services, including: cutting-edge information intelligence, tenders, drug registration, importation, marketing and distribution.

MEDFATOP has become an exclusive marketer for over 100 active ingredients and successfully registered for nearly 50 products for companies from many countries such as India, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hungary, Spain, France. We are covering over 1400 accounts including hospitals, doctors, clinics, drugstores and having the largest and most experienced trade sales force in the Viet Nam healthcare market. Our strong relationships and wide-ranging networks in the trade market provide extensive market access and coverage for principal products. MEDFATOP also possesses a number of key certifications such as: GDP (Good Distribution Practices) & GSP (Good Storage Practices) allowing us to import directly ourselves.


 [1]  DEPONIT® Summary of Product Characteristics.  Available at Accessed July 2020